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Wedding Photography at the Reception

Above all else, a wedding reception is a celebration! Modern Photography and Video will capture the joyous side of your wedding party without intruding on the special moments you and your spouse will share with your wedding guests. We consult with you to determine the most important parts of your ceremony and wedding reception, and let your priorities guide our work. Few things can take the place of experience. An experienced wedding party photographer can photograph the wedding reception events that are most important to you without distracting you, your family or your guests. We work quickly and unobtrusively to get the photos that mean the most to you. The bride and groom carefully plan every detail of their wedding ceremony and know exactly what will happen. Beyond certain events, the wedding party is largely a spontaneous celebration of friends and family. Wedding reception photos are often the ones most cherished by the bride and groom precisely because these photos aren't planned, and capture loved ones and friends celebrating the start of the wedding couple's new life together. We invite you to look at some of the wedding party celebrations we've recently photographed and imagine the joyful surprises that you'll discover in your wedding reception images.