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Wedding Photography at the Studio

Modern Photo and Video can create beautiful studio bridal portraits of you and your spouse. A studio portrait of the bride and groom enable the photographer to create beautiful wedding memories in a relaxed comfortable and stress-free atmosphere before or after the wedding. In the wedding studio, we can produce outstanding digital and medium-format traditional individual studio bridal portraits of the bride and groom, as well as couple's portraits. The wedding studio environment offers the best control over lighting and backdrop, and enables us to create stunning full-length portraits of the bride in her wedding dress, train and veil. We can also produce "special effect" portraits in color, black-and-white, color and black-and-white combinations, and sepia tones. These wonderful photographic effects will create a studio bridal keepsake you'll treasure for years to come. Our wedding studio portraits are printed only on the finest photographic papers, ensuring that with proper care, your treasured photos will last a lifetime. We can also create a wedding album of formal wedding portraits especially for the bride and groom. Contact Modern Photography and Video today to schedule your wedding studio portraits.