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Wedding Photography check list

1. Bride putting on the finishing touches in the dressing room. 2. Mother adjusting bride's veil. 3. Placing garter on bride's leg. 4. Father placing penny in bride's shoe. 5. Bride helping attendants with final preparations. 6. Groom and best man checking wristwatch. 7. Groom adjusting best man's boutonniere. 8. Bride and father about to enter chapel. 9. Bride and father starting down the aisle. 10. Exchange of vows. 11. Bride and groom coming up the aisle. 12. Bride and groom kissing at church entrance. 13. Formal group portraits back at altar. * Entire wedding party, with both sets of parents and all attendants. * Bride and groom with attendants. * Bride and groom with both sets of parents. * Bride and groom and clergyman. * Bride and groom with flower girl and ring bearer. * Bride and groom alone. * Bride alone. 14. Couple signing license in church office. 15. Maid or matron of honor and best man signing license. 16. Hands of bride and groom showing rings. 17. Wedding party entering cars for reception. 18. Receiving line at reception. 19. The cake before it is cut. 20. Wedding couple toasting each other. 21. Couple cutting cake and feeding each other. 22. First dance of bride and groom. 23. Bride dancing with father. 24. The head table. 25. The gift table. 26. Bride and groom with her parents. 27. Bride and groom with his parents. 28. Bride and groom with special guests. 29. Best man toasting wedding couple. 30. Bride throwing bouquet. 31. Picture of girl catching bouquet. 32. Groom removing and tossing bride's garter. 33. Picture of man who caught garter. 34. Bride and groom after changing to travel clothes. 35. Rice throwing. 36. Bride and groom leaving. We can customize your wedding photography. Give us a call us to plan your special day.